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NCsoft and ArenaNet Open the Guild Wars 2 Floodgate

Over the last few days, the developer and publisher of the original Guild Wars(PC) have been releasing nice chunks of insightful information of the game’s forthcoming sequel, Guild Wars 2. A follow-up that some claimed they would never see, GW2 is looking to add a few new gameplay elements that would move this pseudo-MMO even more toward being action-oriented than ever before. Here are a few excerpts concerning said mechanics:

So the weapons you’re currently holding in your hands determine your first five skills. This system is the basic building block of Guild Wars 2 combat, but when playing around with it we found that we could extend it into a huge variety of cool situations. For example, when a player interacts with a siege weapon, his first five skills change to skills that are specific to that siege weapon. A player might encounter a boulder in the world and, upon picking it up, find that his skills have changed so that he can now throw that boulder. Discovering a drake nest might yield eggs that can be picked up, and then eaten or thrown. The things a character can do with an environmental weapon vary by profession or race. An Elementalist with a boulder can not only throw it, but can launch it into the air, causing it to rocket down from the sky with the impact of a meteor. In addition to objects that are simply found in the world, many of these environmental weapons are created spontaneously through various events and activities. Wooden planks used to smack enemies can be gained by killing oakhearts, or found in the rubble caused by centaurs breaking down a wooden gate. Breaking a barstool over the head of a rowdy bar patron can yield a chair leg that can be used to great effect as a club.

A warrior and an Elementalist playing together could combine their abilities in several different ways. The Elementalist could drop down Static Field, which is an area-targeted lightning effect. A warrior who fires a rifle bullet through the static field would cause his shot to be charged up with electricity, inflicting additional damage. If that didn’t suit their style, then the Elementalist might drop a Wall of Fire in front of a group of enemies. The warrior could enter the firewall and use Cyclone Axe, an attack which causes him to spin rapidly, sending the firewall outward and hitting his foes. There are literally hundreds of combinations for players to discover.

Also revealed was the revamped Elementalist profession. It would seem that the “Ele” still uses glyphs, signets, conjures, and AOE(Area of Effect) skills with command over the same elements: fire, wind earth, and water. Watch the YouTube video below to see how the skills have changed. The full Guild Wars 2 blog can be found here.

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