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Gran Turismo 5 is (Still) “90%” Complete

[Via GTPlanet]

In what is presumably the last of Kazunori Yamauchi’s round of interviews to emerge from his time at Snetterton, he’s made a comment regarding the development status of the big game:

“Gran Turismo 5 is about 90 percent finished. There are currently around 140 people working on the project.”

That arbitrary number doesn’t mean much, but some of you may recall that’s the same thing he told USA Today back in January at CES 2010. At the time, though, the game was set for a March release in Japan, and we all know how that turned out. While these numbers were most likely pulled out of thin air, the lack of progress could be due to a significant setback in development or features have been added or improved. Regardless, we do know that it still won’t have everything that Yamauchi wants.

Yamauchi seems to be channeling George Broussard here. After playing the much hyped, long delayed, and hugely disappointing  Gran Turismo for PSP, I wonder if its going to be worth the wait. After all this time, and all the great driving games that have come, and will come out before GT5, are people still hyped? I mean, besides the PS3 fanboys…

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