Burnout Paradise “Family Night” PS3 5/28/2010 7PM EST

Well, well! The squeaky wheels finally get the oil! “Family Night” makes its triumphant return, but this time on the PlayStation3 at the request of listener “Kosigan”. The game is simple: you’ve probably already guess from the graphic above. It’s Burnout Paradise! Join The Gamesmen and the whole “family” of shows for some hot car-on-car action. If you have the game just sitting on your shelf but haven’t played it in a while, now is the time. Here are the PSN IDs to add if you would like to join us:

jsslifelike(The Gamesmen)
Kosigan(secondary ID ‘Patril’)

4 comments on “Burnout Paradise “Family Night” PS3 5/28/2010 7PM EST

  1. drat. I’m sorta directing a convention this weekend. I’m THIS close to getting my P12 Diamond and this would have been perfect. oh well.. maybe next time.

    • Well, our resident Paradise guru, Kosigan, had suggested to me a date of June 11th as it is the one-year anniversary of the release of Big Surf Island, so hell- maybe we’ll do it then, too!

      Also, anyone who rocks the Luigi love is OK in my book- he ALWAYS gets a raw deal. 8)

  2. I’m always up for a Burnout – as you may have guessed 🙂 – so if anyone needs a hand getting their Diamond P12, I’ll gladly help, time difference permitting (I’m in the UK). I’m only 25 times challenges away from getting my second Diamond P12… 🙂

  3. Thanks to Kosigan, Easton-Arrow, and eljuice for coming out!

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