We Want Your Input For Our “prE3 Roundtable” Show This Thursday 6/10/10

Join Lyfeliek, Scotsman, MurphysLaw and SimonDI this Thursday night at 9PM EST / 8PM CST for the “prE3 Roundtable” edition of The Gamesmen EXTRA. The show will be split into 3 segments(one for each major console manufacturer) and we want YOUR input to use as topics! Here are good and bad examples:


  • Do you think PSN Premium is a reality?
  • Will Natal actually be announced at the rumored $150?


  • Do you think Natal will crush Sony’s puny ice cream wands?
  • Will Wii continue to be for babieZ?

So, there ya have it. Feel free to post here, Gaming For the Elderly, or The Couch Mercenaries. Your responses will be collated and added into the show notes. Help us make the show more interesting for YOU!

6 comments on “We Want Your Input For Our “prE3 Roundtable” Show This Thursday 6/10/10

  1. I think PSN premium is a must for Sony. They have to find a way to generate more revenue. That said, I don’t know what they hope to offer as it seems all the “cool stuff” is included in the free service. Gaming, Netflix, the PSN Store. All free.

    I hope Natal is announced at some exorbitant price so I can have one more reason not to buy it. That being said, it is way cooler than the “Sonii Movemote Plus” which is a blatant rip off of the Wii. I’m just saying.

    And yes, the Wii will continue to be for babieZ. or as IGN have labeled them, the “expanded audience.”

    • So lemme ask you this, CP- what do you think the difference will be between what MS will do/announce and what you feel would be what you want them to do/announce?

      • I think MS is going to focus on Natal and show us how cool they think it is. And, to be fair, it is pretty cool. I am just not that interested in it. After last night’s TCM show, I would be more interested in seeing some hardware updates for the 360. My pipe dream is that they will adopy HD-DVD from Toshiba to give us more space on the disc, but that will never happen. The truth is Murphys law is probably right. The games on demand offering on XBL are a test for a future console with no optical drive.

        I also like idea of giving us the same console in a slimmer form factor with a new name. It would help separate the “new” console from the RROD and E74 errors that have plagued the 360. If they were to show us a new 360 that featured a hard drive that I can replace myself (like the PS3), I would be a happy panda.

  2. As you’re moving to Thursdays and I’ll be in Botswana next week, I may not hear the show until I get back. Anyway, for what it’s worth, here’s my two penn’orth:

    – Do you think PSN Premium is a reality?
    Very probably. It’s been rumoured for a while now, to soften us up for it when it hits. If they’ve figured out a way to get more money out of us “consumers” (I really dislike the use of that word in relation to this industry, it has connotations of eating to me) then they’ll go for it. Provided they stick to their original promise of not charging for anything that’s currently free, then we can take it or not as we see fit, unlike Xbox Live.

    – Will Natal actually be announced at the rumored $150?
    Wow. That’s not much short of the price of the 360 Arcade, isn’t it, in order to control your games with – basically – nothing? That seems expensive to me. Here’s a little test for anyone who likes driving games: hold your arms out as if you’re holding an imaginary steering wheel. How long can you keep it up before your arms ache and you want to stop? Now hold a controller. How long can you hold that before you want to stop? I’m guessing that the latter is considerably longer than the former.

    – Do you think Natal will crush Sony’s puny ice cream wands?
    As has been mentioned before, Sony’s Move (or whatever it’s called this week) is very similar to the Wiimote (so much so that I suspect it’s been pored over by lawyers on both sides). For anyone with a Wii and a PS3 (myself included, though I hardly ever go on the Wii), there’d have to be something pretty special on the PS3 that doesn’t have an equivalent on the Wii in order to shell out for the Move. From what I’ve heard so far – and this may change with announcements at E3 – this doesn’t seem likely to happen. So, to get back to the original question: Natal (or Wave, or whatever it’s called this week) does at least have the distinction of being obviously different from a Wiimote or Move controller. I think that it will depend on the price and the available software, which will have to be good for either of them to stand a chance of being anything other than a waste of R&D money.

    – Will Wii continue to be for babieZ?
    If you mean the casual audience, then, yes it will. Look at the numbers: more people own Wiis than any other current-gen console (more than both put together, I think, though I’m not definite on that). Games aimed at a more “traditional” gaming audience – i.e. people like us – have not fared well; see Dead Space: Extraction for an example. So, when they have a product that sells so well to an audience that is clearly largely only interested in the casual types of game, why should they try to change anything?

  3. Question : after the revamp of E3, they stated that there was to be less booth babes and more focus on the games, but we’ve seen a stead resurgence in booth babes since. what do you feel will be the BB spread at this years E3?

    Question : How much would it take to get you to kidnap a booth babe and ship her to me? PM me so we can discuss this further 😛

  4. Do you think Sony and Microsoft will cater more towards the casual than the hardcore market? Or do you think that either one will give a nice balance of both?

    Also why is Chinny so awesome, please discuss this in detail.

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