Dear Gaming Hypocrites

Dear Gaming Hypocrites,

I am writing this letter to you in the hope of expressing my distaste of your ever-present lack of a decisive stance on anything. I bemoan the fact that you can champion so tirelessly against something until it benefits your viewpoint. Have you ever taken a brief moment to check your rabid “fanboyism” at the door upon entering the saloon? Obviously, this notion would appear to be rammed into the nether-regions of your skull and for this reason alone, I feel the need to put my thoughts in written form.

My thought process in purchasing a Nintendo Wii at launch was one forged in the monetary support of someone in the industry daring to bring something fresh to the table. I have partaken in interactive entertainment for most of my 34 years on this planet, and a lot of what I had been playing was the “same old thing” with a new, shiny coat of paint. I will be the first to admit that this console has all but opened floodgate for shovelware’s mass production, but you cannot deny that some innovation has been made. I know, I know- by this point, you’re saying, “who wants to wave their arms around to play games?” The Electronic Entertainment Expo soon approaches and yet your zeal cannot be contained for “current-gen” motion control.

So, I pose you this query: for what rationalization can great gaming experiences not plainly be great gaming experiences? Once you plunk down your paper and coin for a console, can any one man un-purchase it from you? The answer is no. Where is the harm in playing only two or three great software titles each year that you would have otherwise been absent from? The other console makers are giving you what you truly want, you say? But I had surmised that had meant no expanded audience motion control? Where are your Gods now, whelp?

While you wallow in a pit of your own sanctimoniousness this week and wear out the left button on your mouse clicking on story after story about Natal and Move, leave me out of it. When you play Dead Space: Extraction on PSN or XBLA this Fall and cannot contain your enthusiasm about it, keep it to yourself. Those of us without duplicity will have played it one whole year prior. I’m allowed to be excited about Sony and Microsoft motion peripherals, but you’re not. That’s MY rule. May your fraudulentness be the end of you.

Yours in disgust,

3 comments on “Dear Gaming Hypocrites

  1. Mr. Lifelike, I think we have seen what you are talking about more this week (before E3 2010) than we have in a looooong time.

    You’re right though- Dead Space Extraction will come out on PSN/XBL and be LOVED by gamers all around, even though it’s been in existence for over a year now on the Wii. Monster Hunter Tri continues to be overlooked here in the States while games like Dragon Age: Origins are critically revered over on the PS3/360/PC.

    Like I’ve been saying for the last few weeks: “3-D is coming, Motion Control is hitting us harder than before… open your mind and play the games that are made for you to enjoy!”

  2. Class article mate. All facets of gaming have something to bring to the table.
    I think a lot of people do discount, what they don’t know.

  3. Couldn’t have written it better myself.

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