We Want YOUR #TheGamesmenCheck and Email For The Gamesmen, Episode 38 LIVE 7/15/2010


Come join The Gamesmen for another live podcast on Gamer Corporation! Episode 38 should be a blast and you LITERALLY need to reserve the whole evening! Here’s the tentative schedule so far:

  • Intro
  • Featured Music- ???
  • Email
  • Shout-outs
  • 1st Featured Interlude
  • RPG
  • 2nd Featured Interlude
  • #TheGamesmenCheck Submissions
  • Cleanup
  • A HUGE Surprise

Create an account on Ustream.tv, then come join us Tuesday night! This is what we also need from YOU:

  • Emails about anything
  • Tell us what you’re playing on Twitter by using #TheGamesmenCheck(if your Tweets are protected, they will not appear in the search, so make them a reply to @Rabid_Scotsman or @thegamesmenrpg)
  • Your love and attendance

So, that’s it! Please be aware that there will be no call-ins on the regular show this week. We hope to see you!

3 comments on “We Want YOUR #TheGamesmenCheck and Email For The Gamesmen, Episode 38 LIVE 7/15/2010

  1. Hey guys, quick line just to thank Steve for some great comments for us OC boys last week. Quick question for Steve:
    Being known as a fan of RPG and Nintendo, what are your impressions of ‘sorcery’. Did you get to see it at E3? Also did you get to see Rage?

    • No and no. But, Sorcery looks great to me and could possibly be the lone reason why I invest in Move. Nothing else has really got it’s claws in me at this point. Although, as much as I love the FPS Wiimote control scheme, Killzone 3 or Resistance 3 with Move support could sway me as well.

  2. In case you haven’t seen it, you might like to have a look at this before the next show:
    I’m sure you’ll enjoy Tim Schafer’s opinions regarding Bobby Kotick. 🙂

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