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Rabid Scotsman Guests on Couch Mercenaries Podcast

The boys have a smashing time with Rabid guesting, and fitting right in. Here’s the description from The Couch Mercenaries:

Episode 75 – CPM gets benched.

The Overseas Connection adjusts on the fly this week. Join Murphys Law, Skulduggerer, ChinChinny and late addition Rabid Scotsman as we discuss video games, breaking news, new releases, the question of the week and much, much more!

Topics this week:

  • What changes would you like to see to the dashboard of XBL or PSN, and “if” PC Gaming is not dead, what’s keeping it alive?
  • Starcraft 2 launch day numbers.
  • Transformers MMO on the horizon for 2011.
  • Ubisoft slashing “Games on Demand” pricing.
  • 20 million reasons why Call of Duty will keep charging us more.
  • Bethesda says no to iphone, Facebook and Wii.
  • Playstation Move kiosks coming is Sept.
  • Nintendo ready to embrace cloud gaming…where appropriate.

Download Here!

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