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Join Us For The EXTRA 8/19/2010 And Get Entered To Win!

Come join The Gamesmen for another NEW AND IMPROVED Gamesmen EXTRA on Gamer Corporation! This one should be a blast and each call gets an entry for the 1600 Microsoft Points! Here’s the tentative schedule so far:

  • Intro
  • YOUR Skype Calls
  • TOPIC: What Would The Rumored PSP Phone Need To Offer To Earn A Purchase?
  • TOPIC: Your Thoughts On BioShock Infinite?
  • TOPIC: What Is Your Reaction To Mass Effect 2 On The PS3?
  • TOPIC: Anything YOU Would Like To Discuss
  • #TheGamesmenCheck Submissions
  • Cleanup

Create an account on Ustream.tv, then come join us Thursday night! This is what we also need from YOU:

  • Tell us what you’re playing on Twitter by using #TheGamesmenCheck(if your Tweets are protected, they will not appear in the search, so make them a reply to @thegamesmenrpg)
  • Your love and attendance

So, that’s it! We hope to see you!

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