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The Gamesmen EXTRA 10/28/2010- What Factors Negatively Affect The Game Development Process?

Join Lyfeliek and special guest Skulduggerer LIVE on GamerCorporation for another episode of The Gamesmen EXTRA call-in show! This week, The Gamesmen get the listeners’ take on factors that negatively impact the game development process. Listen for two calls from HardlyDan and technical difficulties from Eyenhander! Fans of the Overseas Connection will want to listen […]

Kmart Weekly Gaming Ad 10/24-10/30

Can’t afford all of the great games this Fall? If that is indeed the case, then why the hell aren’t you shopping at Kmart? For any questions, follow them @KmartGamer on Twitter or check the Cheap Ass Gamer thread here. GAMING COUPONS 10-26: Star Wars Force Unleashed II $20 Gaming Coupon 10-26: The Sims 3 […]

The Gamesmen, Episode 45- Ready, Willing, and Fable?

Join Lyfeliek, Rabid Scotsman and Xcalybr on GamerCorporation for game talk and fun! The Gamesmen celebrate in honor of the upcoming release of Fable III, discuss Fallout: new Vegas and Kirby’s Epic Yarn, give shout-outs, tell Lyfe why he should try the Fable series, announce our awesome donors for Extra Life 2010, and then wrap-up […]

Do You Have A Love For Fable? Join Us 10/21/10 9PM EST!

Come join The Gamesmen for Episode 45 of The Gamesmen on Gamer Corporation! This one should be of heroic proportions! Here’s what we need from you: Emails about anything to A love for the Fable series Tell us what you’re playing on Twitter with #TheGamesmenCheck Submissions Create an account on, then come join […]

GamerCorp Team Raises $2,000 For Extra Life 2010

Well, the results are in and YOUR GamerCorp Extra Life 2010 team, with many generous donations from a slue of great people, fought through the 24-hour stint managing to raise over $2,000! Here are the overall statistics for the benefit(with past years’ comparison): 2008: $120,000 RAISED 2009: $170,000 RAISED 2010: OVER 3600 GAMERS PLUS $417,291… […]

The Gamesmen EXTRA 10/14/2010- Is There Any Creative Originality Left In Game Development?

Join Rabid Scotsman, AcidBee and Pyrolilly LIVE on GamerCorporation for another episode of The Gamesmen EXTRA call-in show! This week, The Gamesmen get the listeners’ take on creativity and originality and if it still exists in game development. Listen for calls from HardlyDan, MurphysLaw, jsslifelike, Zeiram Wing and Chinny! (01:30:00) We appreciate the feedback, so […]

We Want to Know if You Think There’s Any Originality Left for the Future of Gaming For The EXTRA Call-in Show Thursday 9PM EST!

Come join The Gamesmen for another NEW AND IMPROVED Gamesmen EXTRA on Gamer Corporation with a new featured co-host! This one should be a blast! Here’s the tentative schedule so far: Intro YOUR Skype Calls To ‘thegamesmenrpg’ or 267-940-7791 TOPIC: Is There Any Originality Left in Store For Game Creation? #TheGamesmenCheck Submissions For This Week […]