GamerCorp Team Raises $2,000 For Extra Life 2010

Well, the results are in and YOUR GamerCorp Extra Life 2010 team, with many generous donations from a slue of great people, fought through the 24-hour stint managing to raise over $2,000! Here are the overall statistics for the benefit(with past years’ comparison):

  • 2008: $120,000 RAISED
  • 2009: $170,000 RAISED
  • 2010: OVER 3600 GAMERS PLUS $417,291… AND COUNTING

Amazing! You have our deepest thanks for being so overly generous this year! Word coming out of most Children’s Miracle Network facilities is that, due to budget cuts and other financial woes, Extra Life was being watched intently due to the influx of funds it would generate. On behalf of Steve “jsslifelike” Conger, Greg “MurphysLaw” DeLacy, Scott “Rabid Scotsman” McGregor, Chris “AcidBee” Cox, Daniel “HardlyDan” Knapman, and Bobby “Ironhammers” Gooding, the GamerCorp team and(most importantly) sick kids thank you for being a hero this year.

Also, you may make additional pledges through November 15th, 2010 if you are so inclined. Thank you.

3 comments on “GamerCorp Team Raises $2,000 For Extra Life 2010

  1. Well done to everybody who took part for staying awake that long and raising so much money. Great job all of you!

  2. Our total is still on the rise! It now stands at $2158.85

  3. Unfortunately I didn’t wake up in time for the last show. I also failed to reach my goal for this years Extra Life. With this in mind I have decided to do it all again and will be gaming for another 24 hours. Tomorrow is the official catch up day for those who couldn’t make it last weekend. I will be starting at 8am GMT without the aid of preparation (no sleep or energy drinks). If you do have some spare cash in this time of austerity then please follow the link and give something, however little.


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