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The Gamesmen, Episode 50- The 2010 Gamesmen Gaming Awards

Join Lyfeliek, Xcalybr, Zeiram Wing, Rabid Scotsman, AcidBee, a live studio audience, and Ustream viewers on GamerCorporation for game talk and fun! The Gamesmen celebrate in honor of the fantastic software releases of 2010, discover more about Zeiram’s shrouded past, find out the winners of all 18 categories, and wrap-up with YOUR #TheGamesmenCheck New Year’s gaming resolutions.

  • Featured Intro- Mass Effect 2
  • Featured Interlude #1- StarCraft II
  • Featured Interlude #2- Super Mario Galaxy 2
  • Featured Outro- Red Dead Redemption
  • Be sure to check out www.vghub.net
  • Listen LIVE Thursdays 8PM CST at www.gamercorporation.com

We appreciate the feedback, so keep it coming! Contact us at TheGamesmenRPG@gmail.com or simply comment below!

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