The Gamesmen: PiXelTrax- Season 1, Episode 2

Want to win $20 worth of PSN, XBL, or Wii points? This is the Season 1, Episode 2 of The Gamesmen: PiXelTraX, the show where YOU put your video game soundtrack knowledge to the test against your peers in order to win fantastic digital currency! Here’s how PiXelTrax works:

Each episode, you, the listener, will be given six audio tracks from various software titles across a vast array of platforms. Every aural example will be accompanied by a verbal clue as well and each correct answer is worth one point, thus making a pure perfect score for each show a total of six. But, that’s not all- collectively, all of the tracks together will share a corresponding “theme” of sorts. Guessing the correct answer for what ties the music together is worth an additional two points. How do you submit your entry sheet, you ask?

Send your numbered responses to thepixeltraxshow@gmail.com and they will be incorporated into the leaderboards as they arrive.

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2 comments on “The Gamesmen: PiXelTrax- Season 1, Episode 2

  1. good sirs you have intrigued me with your contest. I shall consider if I am willing to undertake your adventure in aural mystery. A journey which may prove itself onerous to my untrained ear yet the prize.. such a tempting and succulent delight can not be passed upon like the gift of greensleeves from a peasant woman..

    • The beauty of it, good gentleman, is that someone ahead of you on the leaderboards could forget to submit for a show and… bam! You’ve made up ground. Also, with a bit of research, the clues can go a looooong way.

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