Tell Us How You Would “Craft Your 2011 Dream Game”

The Gamesmen Podcast

We’re recording Episode 64 on 12/6/2011 at about 7 PM EST or so with special guest BillyBillBlack and are gonna use this topic to break up the show. I’d love to hear listeners’ thoughts on it, so here goes:

If you could take mechanics and systems from any of three (3) games released in 2011 to craft your “Dream Game of the Year”, what would they be?


Skyrim – Scope/breadth of content
Dragon Age II – Combat
The Witcher 2 – Setting, traversal and characters

That’s mine. What’s yours?

3 comments on “Tell Us How You Would “Craft Your 2011 Dream Game”

  1. Portal 2 – Portal Gun
    Skyrim – Vast world/Quests
    Uncharted 3 – Story telling / Suspense

    I mean come on a giant open world where I can shoot portals anywhere and do hundreds of missions / quests with an amazing story to get lost in.

  2. Portal 2 for the portal gun and the entire selection of characters

    Gears 3 for the chainsaw lancer and the cole train

    Skyrim open world except like 10 times as big

    Battlefield 3 is my 4th choice i know there isn’t that option but i making it becuase of the the guns and the vehicles and the pure epicness of it.

    So an open world shooter with awesome characters that are badass with awesome vehicles and weapons, the chainsaw lancer is a must in this type of game and the cole train mixed with glados as a potato, the portal gun would be huge in battle. and tons of missions with the amazing cutscenes found in metal gear solid 4 now we are talking about and epic game. don’t forget the turrets from portal 2 as well they make the game amazing.

  3. Skyrim- the openness and the scale of the world

    Deus ex Human Revolution- Near Future – Cyber Punk Setting

    Combat / Movement – Batman arkham city need I say more?

    All running on DICE’s Frostbite engine ala BF3.

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