What 2011 Game Would You Place In A Time Capsule?

Alright, listeners- here’s the topic for Episode 65 this week, so listen up:

If you could take one title from the 2011 release calendar and place it in a time capsule to best represent where the industry and our hobby is currently, which would it be? Remember- just because you would select it doesn’t necessarily equate it to be your “game of the year” candidate, but in my case, it is. Here’s mine:

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – I finally found the time to dig in and get some real quality time with Skyward Sword and, I gotta say, never did I imagine some of the things I’d experience. Nintendo has taken what they’ve learned by layering in mechanics from the Super Mario games along with the unique input methods of things like their DS platform, plus thrown in the best parts of Metroid Prime: Corruption and tied it all together neatly with a Wii Motion Plus bow. The motion control promise made 5 years ago has finally been fully realized.

So, there ya have it. What one game would be most influential in describing what gaming was this year to someone living in the year 2111? Have at it!

4 comments on “What 2011 Game Would You Place In A Time Capsule?

  1. Hey,

    My game would be Saint’s Row The Third. Sure I could pick Portal 2 or Skyrim, but that would be too easy. I think it would be much more fun to put Saint’s Row in and let people think that back in 2011 this was a work of art. They would all be like “Wow this was the best they could do for a story huh? And what is this massive dildo weapon”. That would be funny as hell.

    Anyway peace guys and have a good show.


  2. I would pick Madden 12. No matter when you dug up the capsule, It would be the same game with updated rosters.

  3. Hi – I’d go with Tiny Wings.

    Ok before you shout me down in howls of derision here’s my reason why:
    1) It would show that in 2011 mobile gaming was taking off in a big way.
    2) It would show that 1 guy can still make a huge commercial success by just being more creative / taking a risk and being on the perfect platform.
    “Andreas Illiger…using just one game (Tiny Wings), he edged out Gameloft, Disney and SEGA for a spot on the top 10 paid game publishers list.” — http://www.readwriteweb.com/mobile/2011/07/mobile-game-prices-decline-but-revenue-up.php
    3) Games as art? This is up there
    4) Wait how can this be considered a great game, its so simplistic…wait…lets just have another go…

    Anyway, there’s my thoughts.

  4. I’d put Skyward Sword in. Anyone that knows me knows I am in love with the Zelda series (or is it Zelda I can’t remember <..>) but this game has really made me love the series more. The artwork is fantastic, the music in the game is amazing, and I really love how the game controls. This game is just so much fun and I really can’t wait till I dive even deeper into the world.

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