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Things Assassin’s Creed III Could Learn From Eternal Darkness, Part Two

DISCLAIMER: The following first entry in this article series does contain spoilers that may apply to the gameplay and overall story arc of Assassin’s Creed and Assassin’s Creed II. Be advised that by reading this article, you may ruin your experience playing through the games themselves.


If Ezio Auditore De Firenze indeed makes a minute return appearance in the opening of the series’ third installment by revisiting pre-Brotherhood memory sequences, perhaps virtual DNA is not the only avenue when discussing the Assassin Tomb tie-in. The beginning of the game could explain how each Assassin’s slice of human data can now be interpreted by new tech regardless of bloodline and the narrative approach in Sanity’s Requiem would be the perfect vehicle to achieve this.

2. Add in the perfect mix of cliche.

One Part “You Against the World”. Ubisoft Montreal has partially accomplished this by attempting to implicate various historical figures throughout history in membership of the Templar’s organization. One way in which to achieve this goal would be to pick up exactly where the second side story left off- with Desmond Miles awakening from being trapped in the Animus. Once he uses Ezio to recover the virtual DNA the player has discerned where the six have hidden their Pieces of Eden, reports pour in of Templar ambushes and Assassin slaughters(just as all who encounter the Tome of Eternal Darkness meet a grim end).

Imagine Re-Visiting Now-Deserted Locales Centuries Later

One Part “Playing the Pawn”. As Desmond were to recover the sacred artifacts in present day from the various figures and their corresponding time periods, obviously all would not be as it seems. Remember that proposed stolen Templar Animus 3.0 tech mentioned in the first piece? What if it were “allowed” to be pilfered for reasons of a transmission bug that would relay pertinent information back to the organization? If that were to transpire, then Miles would have unknowingly embarked on a fool’s errand at the behest of the shadowy syndicate(just as the corpse God Mantorok manipulated the Roivas’ into bringing about the end of the other three Ancients).

Two Parts “End of the World”. This is the point where the two franchises separate from a storytelling perspective. As the Assassin’s amass an array of apples and other ancient artifacts, the Templars conspire to let their dirty work be done for them. During the course of Desmond’s journey, he discovers Juno, Jupiter and Minerva’s master chamber in which all of the Pieces of Eden fit into a massive dais to link their collective power together along with the Sword and Staff as control rods for amplification. This would give the user the right to re-shape reality. The Templar organization would use it to wipe their nemeses from existence; the Assassins to rewind time and prevent the catastrophes that would plague both the First Civilization and present-day humanity, thus beginning a new timeline in which they have success, but soon realize that the original disaster is still imminent, regardless of temporal adjustment.

These are just the ramblings of both a narrative junkie and fan of the series. The overall meta-story is like nothing in the industry today and, if approached correctly, could be something special to be remembered for all time.

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