What Would Make You/Made You Adopt 3D Gaming Technology?

OK, guys- I’m not gonna lie; since I got this new TV and experienced a good bit of 3D content, I’ve been wanting to do a show focused on the subject(since there isn’t a lot of coverage on it out there is the gaming sphere). So, here’s the question for Episode 67:

What would make you buy into 3D technology or, if you already have, what pushed you over the edge?

Mine was simple. I was in the market for a new set(semi-forcibly, but nonetheless) and new I HAD TO PLAY UNCHARTED 3 IN 3D. The good news is that it didn’t disappoint. We’ll be recording Saturday, January 7th, so get ’em in!

What’s YOUR answer?

8 comments on “What Would Make You/Made You Adopt 3D Gaming Technology?

  1. in my opinion they would have to just give it to me. im not one to go out and get something if i dont need it but if its given to me out of the box then id either have to deal with it or ignore it entirely. i admit i have not been down to steves for a tech demo since last new years but id use it if i had it too.

  2. Nada… Well ok to be fair, it will be when 3d is standard in all TV’s and is offered by cable companies as more than three channels. In other words 3d becomes standard offering like HD tv is now becoming the new standard. Until then… Gimmick.

  3. Well playing at your house blew my mind with how much depth that is in the 3D and it made me want it, but still I am not into glasses making it 3D. I really enjoy the 3DS’s no glasses 3D and would love to have a tv like that, but regardless if I can pay the amount you did for yours I’ll probably have one since it doesn’t have to be in 3D all the time anyway but not until I get my next tv.

  4. gaming is going to win with 3D, its the only medium that isn’t trying to force the issue and isn’t requiring tons of extra production money to pull it off. i don’t have a 3D tv yet nor am i in the market at the moment, prices will have to come down and tech will have to get a little bit better or the manufacturers come together and come up with a standard on glasses.
    when passive 3D comes out and extra shades are less than $30/each then i’m in.

  5. If you can find a way to alleviate the feeling that the centre of my brain is about to explode whenever using a 3D device (especially the 3DS, have to turn 3D off after 10 minutes), then I may well be slightly more adoptive of the idea.

    Secondly, I just really don’t feel that much benefit from something being in 3D… it often feels like a distraction as my eyes seem to want to refocus every time.

    Finally… how about we forget 3D and start rolling out the hologram technology???

  6. £D? Pah, not until I don’t have to wear glasses on top of my erm… glasses.

    It gets me the way people keep on about Stereoscopic 3D as if it is something new. The Lumiere brothers shot the 1st 3D movie “L’arrive d’un train” in 1895 and the technology hasn’t changed much since then. Every 30 years there is a resurgence of 3D in the cinema and, thank god it then disappears and we are left with beautiful 2D images at our local multiplexes.

    I like Bobby am waiting for holographic technology but it had better look better than in Star Wars.

  7. We had a little mix-up in the recording schedule, so this one’s still coming- it’ll just be the first show after the GotY one.

  8. It would have to be forced on me! 3d does not interest me in the slightest. I remember watching Avatar and really enjoying the first chase scene. I thought to myself Am I enjoying this because its 3d or because Cameron can direct action, so i took of the glasses and realised it was the later rather than the former!
    I find meaningless pieces of jetsom floating past the screen to be highly irritating and directing choices should never come down to how can we get X to point out of the screen and justify the 3d.

    The ONE redeaming feature of 3d is that the director cannot employ shakey cam. As evidenced in transformers 3. I could actually make out some of what was going on as Bay had to hold the camera still for longer than half a frame!

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