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We Need YOUR Emails For Episode 70- Listener Mail RPG!

Yep, you read right! We want your emailed topics for Episode 70 so we can play a special “listener mail” themed version of RPG. Here’s an example sent by our pal CPMatthew:

Greetings Gamesmen,

I really enjoyed your latest episode, the FFXIII primer. I never finished FFXIII. Some might say I never started it as I only played for 29 hours or so. LOLz. Anyway, your remarks about the evolution of the Mass Effect franchise to more action-oriented gameplay got me to wondering. What, in the qualified opinion of ones who play roles, must a game have to be called a “role-playing game.” Is it customizable equipment? Optional side quests? Optional companions? Stats to upgrade? Levels to grind?

What about the annual installment of any of the EASports games? Are you not playing the role of owner/gm/head coach for your vaunted Steelers every time you donate $60 to EA? So what it is it, o wise ones, that makes a game a role playing game?

Have a good show and a better tomorrow,

The first role I thought of for this topic is someone 20 years in the future, describing what an RPG is in their current era.

So, this is the sort of thing we want! It can be a question designed to wax philosophical, or just a link to an interesting news story with a question you’d like to pose along with a role to be assigned. Post them here or email them to thegamesmenrpg@gmail.com by Sunday, February 18th!

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