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tGm E3 Predictions 2012

It’s the night before Microsoft and Sony kick off E3 2012 with their press conference presentations, followed by Nintendo on Tuesday. So, what outlandish things are circulating in the heads of The Gamesmen? Read on to find out.

Edit: MurphysLaw got some predictions in just prior to the Microsft Presser.

Steve ‘jsslifelike’ Conger says:

1. Third Parties Will Bring Their WiiU Tablet Functionality of Software to PS3 Using Vita as a Controller. Think about it- why spend development capital on features that would only grace one platform when they have the potential for more? This raises two questions, though- what would this do the length of the current console cycle and how would it affect Microsoft’s future plans?

2. Sony will offer PS3/Vita Combo Software Via a “Project 10-Dollar” code on each platform. This is one of the keys to future success of Sony’s handheld. The only catch would have to be that the codes are generated in tandem and can only be redeemed on the same PSN account.

3. The 3DS XL Exists and Launches Early 2013. A resdesign of Nintendo’s portable hardware could be just the shot-in-the-arm needed to keep them ahead and really rain on Sony’ parade. Plus, a larger 3DS could double nicely as a second WiiU tablet controller.

Dan ‘Hardlydan’ Knapman says:

1. Halo4 and Gears of War 4 will be massive, look fantastic and I won’t care.

2. Microsoft will have some cool new tech and there might just be a hint at the NextBox.

3. There will be zombies.

Yuri ‘xcalybr713’ Lis says:

1. There will be a much stronger focus/presence on Indie/mobile gaming at this year’s show.

2. PS Vita WILL get a price cut.

3. WiiU will debut ABOVE a $300 price point.

Jeremy ‘Zeiram Wing’ Humberson says:

1. Sony Will Play It Safe. I think the rumored price drop for the ps3 will be true, but aside from that.I don’t think they will announce new services/hardware and will commit to refining what they have. Try to get people back on board with your brand before a ps4. What I hope is in there is an announcement for the ps2 emulator used in certain backward compatible ps3s to be used in all of them. I want backwards compatible slims, damnit!

2. Nintendo Will Impress, But Not Convert. I think what Nintendo brings to the table will impress the non believers. The rumored weak WiiU will show that it has more punch than expected, and they will show off some real innovative things for the Wii tablet. But the gaming masses have already passed judgement on the system and I don’t think anything they show will change that.

3. Microsoft Will Still Try and Push Kinect and Perhaps New Hardware. I think Microsoft wants to get people behind Kinect as their new system will have Kinect-like functionality. More games, possibly the Kinect for PC with Windows 8 support, plus a possible new 360 SKU- Maybe even a next-gen hardware announcement…

Greg ‘MurphysLaw’ DeLacy says:

1. Sony will introduce a new partnership with Gaikai that will enable all on-demand games to have a trial demo that you can instantly stream, as well as a new delivery system for all their downloadable content. Stream play while downloading in background. This will be an exclusive feature to PSN Plus members.

2. Microsoft will demo a new IP game at the end of the briefing for 2013 that will actually be a glimpse at their Next-Gen console. They will only state its coming in 2013 but not that it is an Xbox 360 game.

3. Nintendo will show off a new hardcore Link and a new direction for Zelda. Gone will be the cute cudly Zelda. New HD graphics, edginess and blood/gore…think gritty Tomb Raider-like graphics. Zelda will be come the king once again for the hardcore RPG/Adventure fan.

So, there you have it! That’s what The Gamesmen are thinking on the eve before the start of the run of press conferences kicking off the big show this year. What are some of yours?

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