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Candidate Shepard: Bad For The Galaxy; Bad For YOU

“Former Commander John Shepard wants you to believe that he’s the Paragon candidate for Citadel Council and that couldn’t be further from the truth- a truth that, if hidden, could see millions of galactic citizens discarded and disenfranchised.

Candidate Shepard claims to be Earthborne- and he’s right. But, what he fails to disclose is that he consorted with a street gang known as the “Tenth Street Reds” and helped spring free one of it’s most dangerous members, Curt Weisman- a man still at large to this day.

As a career military man, Shepard has saved thousands. As a Spectre, he’s killed MILLIONS.

And who could forget the radical paramilitary group Cerberus? Being an organization who rebuilt former Commander Shepard’s body and brought him back from the brink of death, could any insidiously dormant technology remain in his body that could affect his decision-making?

Candidate Shepard claims to have cured the Genophage, but in all reality, it was a brave Solarian who selflessly completed the task- a task John still takes credit for.

How can the galaxy’s races expect John Shepard to lead them when he can’t even establish consistency in his own life? One moment, he’s playing the sacrificial lamb, and the next he draws a breath from within his ragged breastplate.

The truth is plain- Citadel Council Candidate John Shepard’s renegade track record spells disaster for galactic voters come this election.

Candidate Shepard: Bad for the galaxy; bad for YOU.

This message is brought to you by the Donnel Udina Memorial Foundation.”

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