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VGHub Team Extra Life 2012 Schedule/Info

So, here’s the contact information for most of the team members’ schedules/game IDs(I’ll update if needed):

Greg DeLacy: [8PM Fri-8PM Sat PST] XBL: Murphys Law, PSN: murphyslaw1969

Nick Auld: [8AM Sat-8AM Sat GMT] XBL: womblemk3

  • 8AM – Halo 3 Achievement Whoring
  • 12PM – Forza 4 Hot Lapping
  • 4PM – Halo 3 Legendary Run
  • 11PM – Halo: Reach Custom Games
  • 1AM – Full House Poker

Scott McGregor: (LIVESTREAM) [8AM Sat-8AM Sun MST] Steam: rabid_scotsman, XBL: Rabid Sc0tsman

Luis Raymundo: (LIVESTREAM) [8AM Sat-8AM Sun CST] XBL: PlayAndSkills, PSN: Denoch

  • Wii: Super Mario Galaxy, LoZ: Twilight Princess(8 hours)
  • Xbox360: The Last Remnant, LEGO Batman, Fable 3(8 hours)
  • PS3: RE6, FFXIII-2, Walking Dead, I Am Alive, Borderlands, Fallout: New Vegas

Mark Wright: [5AM Sat-5AM Sun GMT] XBL: Markanix, PSN: Markanix

David Brown: [12AM Sat-12AM Sun EST] XBL: DavidTheAlien

Gary DeFelice: (LIVESTREAM) [8AM Sat-8AM Sun EST] XBL, STEAM: TheRealDeFo

Daniel Knapman: (LIVESTREAM) [8AM Sat-8AM Sun GMT] XBL, STEAM: Hardlydan

Steve Conger: (LIVESTREAM) [8AM Sat-8AM Sun EST] XBL, PSN, STEAM, SKYPE: jsslifelike

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