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E3 2013 – Microsoft Press Conference

IMAG0272-600x338Alright to all of you out there in the gaming world it is that time of the year again; E3 is here and it is time to hear the new and exciting news out there from the big shots of the video game industry. Well this article is for the people that don’t have the time to watch the whole conference and for those who can’t remember all that happened. So I will be sum up everything that was shown at the conference for everyone to see. Ready…set…Xbox on!

First things first, we start off with a video showing the Konami and then two men riding horse back. The one man informs the other about a mission to complete in Afghanastan then Kojima Productions pops up, and after the men are done talking Fox Engine pops up. Get where this is going yet? Well now the video takes      off fast, literally they fast forward through to certain parts that they want to accentuate like MGS goes open world, A new breed of stealth, realtime weather, various modes of transport, “tactical espionage” redefined, unparallel strategic freedom, realistic passage of time, deeper stealth action, and Dynamic CQC. Then after various characters are shown at the end they show Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. So far a good opening with the graphics looking amazing, and game play looking good as well. Lets get into the rest of what Microsoft has to offer us later this year.


Don Mattrick comes out with Hideo Kojima so he can say how excited he is to have MGS5 come to Xbox One.*Kojima exit stage left*
Now Mattrick reminds everyone that Microsoft is “all about the games…World premiere gameplay and announcements, including 13 next generation titles you’ll find only on xbox one.”

Yusuf Mehdi comes on stage for Xbox 360 news.
New Xbox 360 – Modern look and feel, looks like xbox one, is smaller, sleeker, quieter than ever and is available today. With your xbox live you will be able to get two free games a month.
World of Tanks – Talked about by Victor Kislyi
Max: The curse of Brotherhood
Dark Souls 2

Xbox One News
Phil Spencer comes out to get the Xbox One game news rolling.
Ryse: Son of Rome – Cevat Yerli – Take the role of Roman General Marius Titus and find out what it is like to “both fight as a warrior and command as a leader of men in the Roman empire.”
Killer Instinct
Sunset Overdrive – Ted Price of Insomniac Games – “A stylized openworld shooter in which the experience can change everyday.” New weapons, challenges, and world events can be added and inspired by the community of players through the cloud.

Forza Motorsport 5 –  Dan Greenawalt – Mclaren P1 rises up on the stage –  “Together With McClarin we believe in innovation, we believe in pushing bondaries.” The showoff of driveatar; this is where the game learns from how you play and drive your car, and you will be able to play against other players driveatars in your own game. Your driveatar will earn credits for you while you aren’t playing as well.
Phil Harrison comes out and talks about the next three games.

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
Quantum Break – Sam Lake from Remedy talks about the game.
D4 – An episodic murder mystery.
Project Spark – Dave McCarthy – “Put the ability to create in the hands of everyone.” You can build your own game by choosing scenery, season, and time of day; there is also map editing as in laying down mountains and such.

Xbox Smartglass– Shown with using Ryse – MAny actions that can be made on your console can also be done using smartglass such as Starting a single player game, setup and launch multiplayer, look at achievments, purchase game add ons and more. Using Ryse they show stats of friends playing that game.

Upload Studio – Cut and edit recordings of matches played (will most likely work with single player as well.)

Partnering with Twitch so you can live stream games.

Changes in Xbox Live
No friend limit.
Points will no longer be used and currency will be used for purchasing now.
Xbox live gold sharing (No more need for a family plan)

More Games
Crismson Dragon – Would say more but there was no sound during the video. There was good crowd commentary though.
Dead Rising 3 – Jason Bridge and Mike Jones – Shows off weapon crafting, an open world with no load times, some scenarios faced with the main character, and an artllery strike.
Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – John Mamais”Deep tactical combat completely rebuilt from the ground up, state of the art next gen dx11 graphics, a dark mature and epic non linear story, the trademark of our studio.”
Battlefield 4 – Patrick Soderlund – After an embaressing failure in sound again some decent gameplay footage was shown.
Below – Not much was said just a trailer.

Black Tusk Studios – Just a trailer from the company nothing else was really given for this either.

Halo 5 – 343 Industries Bonnie Ross – “A Blistering 60 FPS.” Pretty much talk about how Halo will take advantage of the power of the Xbox One.  Halo_5-642x362

Price of the console – $499             _-E3-2013-Xbox-One-Launches-November-Priced-GBP429-_

Titanfall – Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zampella – Gameplay is shown off and will be released Spring 2013.

Well there was some really nice games shown today but what are your thoughts on the conference? Were you expecting the $499 price of the console, what games can or can’t you wait for, and what did and didn’t you like from what was shown.

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