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E3 2013 – Sony Press Conference


So yesterday I gave you the news from Microsoft’s press conference and I don’t believe we need another long introduction so let’s just get into it.

So Sony decides to start off with a compilation video of different people, games, and tech.

Jack Trenton starts his speech off by welcoming everyone to the conference and then roles into some Vita and PS3 talk.

Games coming to Vita

Batman: Arkham Origins


Destiny of Spirits

Doki Doki Universe



God of  War HD 1&2

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X-2


Dead Nation

The Walking Dead 400 Days – This is the new DLC for Season One of The Walking Dead and will be out this summer. Coming to Vita with a bundle in August that will have the complete first season, 400 days, and bonus content.

PS3 – Lineup of trailers shown including

The Last of Us



Beyond Two Souls

Gran Turismo 6

Arkham City: Origins – Content only forPlaystation including Nightfal DLC and 1960 tv show batman skin.

Grand Theft Auto V – On September 17th a $299 GTAV bundle will be available.


Andrew House – Comes out hype up the PS4 “we have a console of unparalleled power; this means new experiences, greater social integration, cloud based technology, and a system architecture capable of handling the most intricate ideas developers can conceive.” He also goes on to say how the PS4 is sleek and visually impactful wherever it is placed.

After that is when he unveils the PS4 console.


Michael Lynton – He talks about Sony pictures working with the PS4

Andrew House comes back out to talk about video unlimited, music unlimited, and others of their already available apps; also the addition of Redbox Instant and Flixter to the lineup

Shu Yoshida – Talks about Worldwide Studios have over 30 games in development for PS4; 20 to release in the first year and 12 of the 30 being new IPs

The Order:1886 – A Santa Monica Studios game.

New trailers for Killzone: Shadow Fall, Drive Club, Infamous: Second Skin, and Knack (launching with PS4)

Remember when David Cage came out during the conference in February? (Showing the old man’s face) well they show of a clip of a technical demo called The Dark Sorcerer which shows all those expressions and emotions.


Adam Boyes – Talks about the indie developers being brought into the Playstation family and they demo their games as they are announced on the stage. The games are as follows

Transistor, Don’t Starve, Mercenary Kings, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Secret Ponchos, Ray’s Dead, Outlast, Oddworld: New n Tasty, and Galak-Z.


Diablo 3 – Exclusive items for Playstation owners.

The next group on the list is mostly trailers or demos of different games to come out.

Final Fantsy XV – Trailer

Kingdom Hearts III – Trailer

Assasin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – Demo

Watch Dogs – Demo

NBA 2K14 – Trailer (Featuring Lebron James)

Elder Scrolls Online – Trailer

Mad Max – Trailer

We are now back to Jack Trenton for the biggest news.

PS4 supports used games and this includes:

  • Trade in games at retail
  • Selling to another person
  • Lending it to a friend
  • Or keeping it forever


Don’t need connected online to play disc based games or for any type of authentication.

PS Plus transfers to PS4 and this is including:

  • Discounted Games
  • Cloud Saves
  • Automatic Game Updates
  • Early Access to Beta Programs
  • Instant Game Collection
  • Immersive Multiplayer Online On PS4

Instant Game Collection – Drive Club will be a part of it; Don’t Starve, Outlast, and Secret Ponchos will also be a part of that.

Destiny – World Gameplay Premiere – An exclusive partnership with Bungie and Activision for evolving the PS4 with Destiny’s world over the next few years.

Andrew House comes out once again for the last few pieces of news.

Cloud gaming service – Available in 2014

PS4 will cost you $399 and will be coming this holiday season.


There was a lot of very good announcements brought out during Sony’s conference, but now it’s time for the big questions. What are you excited about from this conference, and with both Microsoft and Sony’s conferences finished which one are you more leaning toward? Put your comments below and let us know your opinions. I for one am very excited with what Sony brought to the table; I may be a PC gamer right now but when I do grab my next console I am planning for the PS4.

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