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The Dirty 30s

Mad genius Bongo the Sane over at The Overseas Connection Podcast has come up with a great idea which he is calling, “The Year of Living Gamegerously.” In a bid to save some cash over the next year, he has set himself a budget of £100 for new games and a list of thirty games, (his Dirty 30) to complete over the next year.

So far, so good but things are starting to get a little interesting as more and more people are accepting the #YoLG challenge and working on completing their old games in a bid to win an Overseas Connection coaster!

Both Amras89 and I are giving it a go and you can see our Dirty30 lists here and erm.. here. Be sure to keep an eye on the site as we are both trying to actually write stuff instead of just waffling on the podcast.

Go and check out Bongo’s blog to see what it’s all about and why not join up yourself?

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PC gamer, hermit and sometimes surfer living in North Devon, UK. Can normally be found on steam or in the pub.

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