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Year of Living Gamegerously, Part 1

headerSo the first game I was able to wipe off my dirty 30 is Bastion. I’ve been trying to complete this game for the longest time and I’m so glad I was able to dig in and finish it off.

This game has a fantastic story to it all being told to you by the narrator. The way they voice over the levels you go through with him explaining areas and groups of people/enemies gives you all the points you need to truly understand what’s going on. Next up is the soundtrack to this game. Darren Korb did a phenomenal job putting this together, I can and have listened to it all day; if you wondered what the outro music to the podcast is it’s Mine, Windbag, Mine. The combat to this game is great as well. The variety of main and secondary weapons gives you so many ways to go into a level and bash, snipe, burm, etc. enemies through the levels. The Bastion (or hub world) is a very nice area you go back to between level and build a small town of useful things you’ll use in the game, and you can increase the difficulty to your taste with the Shrine. Did I mention the story? The end of this game is well done with a choice to be had (no spoilers) which chooses how the end of the game can go.

Overall this game is fantastic and if you’ve waited as long as I have to complete it than don’t wait any longer. Another game on my dirty 30 is Transistor by the same team and I’m excited to get into that one now.

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