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Year of Living Gamegerously, Part 2

shtddSo this game isn’t on my list of games to complete this year, bur I figured I’ll do a write up of all the games I complete. I am a huge fan of the games in the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series by Frogwares, and I need to shout out Hardlydan for picking it up for me.

To start off, you’ll get the best experience playing this if you play Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments first. There are multiple reasons for this; the very end of C&P seems to take place shortly before TDD. Also the mechanics like the deduction board, archives, and makeup/wardrobe are used in this game as well. One of the off-putting things from the start was that they changed the voice actors for Holmes and Watson for the fist time, and they also changed Watson’s character model to look more like Jude Law from the newer movies. I really enjoy how these last two games have been created so you solve multiple cases instead of one longer story. Now I wish that there would be more puzzle elements like they had in previous games; but finding clues, piecing information together, and making your own conclusion of the culprit and how to deal with them makes up for the fewer puzzles placed in the game. Scene recreation is also a nice touch to give you the “Sherlock vision” sense making you feel like a real pipe smoking, violin playing master detective. They also place a story intertwined throughout this game concerning Holmes’ adopter daughter, I suggest playing The Testament of Sherlock Holmes to understand her involvement. The climax at the end of this game is very powerful and was giving me a feeling of urgency. This game in the series is one of the best I have played because they are getting better voice actors for even secondary characters, and are getting better using the Unreal Engine for a smoother experience.

In the end this game may not be for everyone, but I have enjoyed the entire series and can’t wait for the next one.

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