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Year of Living Gamegerously, Part 3

the-last-guardianAnother game that wasn’t on my dirty 30 list because I didn’t own it when it was initially created, but this one is in need of being talked about. Christmas money kept my budget clean enabling me to pick The Last Guardian up, so thanks dad for the cash!

So I wasn’t anticipating this game like many other people were; I loved Shadow of the Colossus back in the day so I really wanted to play it even with the negative press it was getting. So lets start off with the bad; the boy that you control feels like he’s drunk all the time, and doesn’t have much precision in his movements unless running in one direction for a bit. Also when jumping backwards from ledges the camera has to be in the right position or he won’t make the animation preparing for the jump. Speaking of the camera; it rotates rather slow at points and will get stuck at others, and the screen goes black and when it comes back you can get quite disoriented.

Now for the goods parts of this game. The soundtrack for this game was beautifully created and adds some real emotion throughout the game. Probably one of the best things about this game is how Trico feels like a true pet; Trico feels so much like my own dog Snow (if she had wings and could shoot lighting out of her tail) in the curious look I get, the demolishing of food, the constant need to follow me around, and not doing what I tell them to! I would find myself talking to Trico the way I talk to my dogs as well trying to get their attention. I felt bad when pulling spears out of Trico because of the wince/yelp he would do, and would start petting him to comfort and calm him down. The sentinels that show up periodically throughout the game were more annoying than actually feeling menacing, but every time I’d finish a puzzle to let Trico through it was a pretty amazing feeling with how Trico wanted to protect me. The story of this game was done very well with the narration from the boy  once he’s grown up, and it helps you get the feelings of what he’s going through as you play. The end of the game had me going through every emotion between the end segment, the final cut scene, and even after the credits. I can’t give this game enough praise because all the good that came from it far outweighs anything bad that it had.

I am so glad I didn’t wait to play this game. It may not have been the masterpiece everyone was hoping for, but it is definitely a beautifully created world and experience to immerse yourself in.

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