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Year of Living Gamegerously, Part 4

BotWIf there was a game that I have been gnawing at the bit for, it is Breath of the Wild. This is going to be a review along with my thoughts of what I class as the perfect Legend of Zelda experience. Strap in; this is going to be a longer article, and I won’t be giving much away because everyone deserves their own experience.

the-legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-a-link-to-the-timeline-link-waking-up-in-the-sh-1019145The best place to start has to be the opening. Starting with Link awakening from a deep slumber in the coolest boxer briefs, and making your way out of this strange place has a feeling of what has and is happening to Link. And once you do get out of this place there is a breathtaking overview of the world that barely scratches the enormity of this game. The whole starter area gives you a decent understanding of things you will come across in the game. You’ll get to learn about shrines, cooking, weapon degradation, climbing, and more just in the space of a tiny section of the game. Once you complete the necessary objectives to get out of this area do you really find out how big the world of Hyrule is.

how-to-kill-guardians-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-1024x590Next I should get into the combat. Different and similar to all the other 3D Zelda games at the same time. If you’ve played Ocarina of Time it feels like that; dodging and attacking to the patterns of the enemies will help keep you alive. Now the difference is that weapons don’t last that long, especially at the beginning of the game; even later in the game they don’t last long enough to even kill more than a few enemies. The combat is more along the lines of Dark Souls with the weapons degrading and the fact that you really need to be careful or you will die very quick with multiple enemies around you. And the guardians being in the ground or walking around bring an intense situation to a strategy.

Music is a foundation stone in the Zelda series, and this game has done it beautifully. Instead of blasting the over world tune at you they have amazing orchestration come to you at natural points in the game. In the world the music is subtle and fits nicely, and the music that plays during towns and battles is very good and fits great.

maxresdefaultThe story behind the game is amazing. And to keep it away from spoilers, I’ll just say that it’s less about Link and more about Zelda. Collecting the memories is a must in the game; it lets you know what has happened before the game takes place. I take it as being much  sadder than the games have previously gone, and it has really drawn me in. Also learning and leading up to Calamity Ganon (from other characters and on your own) is intense and prevalent up unto the end.

Zelda-Breath-of-the-Wild-Iwata-TributeLastly I want to bring up the characters in this game, and how they really add something no matter how significant they are to the story. From the smallest child to the most important princess, this game has character. Like in a game as large as The Elder Scrolls, this game lets smaller role characters give you information you can use to find different items/areas in the game. I’ll also bring up the voice acting here. Having voice acted characters adds a depth of personality and makes the game more suspenseful. It really helps draw you into the game a lot.

To end this, the game doesn’t need a score and I’m not qualified to give it one since I am a huge fan of Zelda games. If anything I hope my words are enough to make people want to check this game out.

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