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Conga Master Party! Review (Switch)

conga-master-partyWhat could possibly go wrong? The question everyone aspiring to become a conga master asks themselves before getting their groove on. We all get that urge to tap our feet and move our hips; this game will bring up those same feelings again. So get your loose fitting clothes, grab the person in front of you, and lets dance through this!21765463_10210455541047125_501797323397229555_oFor starters, this game allows you to play on your own or with up to three other friends (locally) to dance around NPC’s to join your conga line. The premise of the single player mode is to dance your way through different locations, circling around the party goers, and picking up enough of the four unique types to be able to complete a stage. The controls are very minimalist only using L and R to control the direction the character you choose to play as moves; you can also dash by pressing down both buttons at the same time. Power-ups also help you attract people, either in distance to or by how quickly their meter fills up. Once the requirements have been met and you have enough of your momentum meter left, the doors will open and you can leave the club to move onto the next location. Difficulty ramps up fairly quick and there is some strategy needed to meet the requirements for each level, but it doesn’t get frustrating enough that you’ll want to drop the game.21753163_10210455536367008_2503035725389474209_oThe Switch version of this game brings some exclusive features not seen in the other versions. There is amiibo support for the following; Super Mario, Splatoon, Animal Crossing (including all the cards), Legend of Zelda (with the green bases), Yoshi’s Wooly World, and Metroid (with the blue bases). you only need twelve to unlock the same number of exclusive costumers, none of which have any Nintendo exclusive costumes, and aren’t needed other than to dress up a character with an alternative costume. Other Switch specific content includes; a four player mode using only two joy-cons, two new multiplayer modes 1, 2, Conga and Just Conga. Two new stages named Conga Burger and Conga’s Palace; along with ten new playable characters to use, all with different skills to make for unique styles to play levels.21587436_10210455531286881_8254824991990737285_oMultiplayer is a good laugh with friends, or that significant other in your life. Each mode has a unique goal to accomplish in order to win, and they have unique names which nods at different popular game franchises. Some include Mortal Konga, Command and Conga, Conga Hunter, and also the Switch exclusive modes mentioned earlier. It completes the games package and makes it a fun party game to bust out when you have friends over.21551958_10210455537967048_836934409929914457_oWith a wallet friendly price of $9.95 it is well worth a pick up to play on your own or with others. There is also a good soundtrack accompanying the game that will make you tap your feet. A nice little gem to add to your inventory.

Copy received by Rising Star Games
Developer: Undercoders
Publisher: Rising Star Games
System: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: September 28th
Category: Party, Multiplayer, Arcade
Players: 1-4
Hours Played: About 6
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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