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Monster Hunter Generations Pass or Buy (Demo Impressions)

monster-hunter-generations-ultimate-demo-656x369Monster Hunter is a game that has grown to be loved by many in the west, and the Switch having the play anywhere ability seems like a must. But there are glaring issues of the past that should go away.

First, I know this is a 3DS port, but do we really need zones loading anymore? Monster Hunter World (which will be my comparison to this modern system game) is fantastic; it has everything you want from monster hunter and more. The fact that there are loading zones takes away from the enjoyment. I jumped, or got knocked into the previous zone while fighting the monster. After playing MHW I can’t deal with zones anymore; while it needed to be for a low powered system, when it isn’t, it’s an abundance on the fluidity of playing. A fluid biome just makes everything feel natural and makes that experience much better.

Secondly using potions is a constant while being mauled by monsters. In MHW you can move while using a potion, and in  MHGU you stand still hoping not to be hit. Now I know the wait time to use is shorter, but I like in MHW you can move out of the way if a monster is gunning for you. Feeling like you aren’t stuck to a position makes you able to move away while dodging attacks from monsters that are easily able to hit you while you’re standing still.

Lastly, the combat is much more fleshed out in world. Using your equipment is vital in  a Monster Hunter game, and generations feels like a backwards step. My normal weapon now (the insect glaive) feels useless because it can’t do everything the World release can. Everything feels like a downgrade from what we have now.

To end, Monster Hunter is always good, but it you don’t have the right what made your last release amazing in a re-release, then you aren’t going to please the masses enough to commit. I love  MH a lot, but I’m going to have to say pass this one.

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One comment on “Monster Hunter Generations Pass or Buy (Demo Impressions)

  1. Going down hill guys….very depressing. Nothing but two drunkards rambling anymore, calling this a gaming podcast is just bloody sad. Last few episodes have made me depressed before the ten minute mark because it’s always talk about some bloody sad shit or frustrated because one or the other is drunk off their ass (this isn’t middle year anymore, being drunk is not cool, sound like a deuce). I used to look forward to articles, but now the ones that are posted are utter shit (seriously, did you read this one over?) Sad for you guys, I really am. Sad to say I will be removing this atrocity from my podcast lineup. Tgm is dead.

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