Dungeon Seige 3 making its way to consoles?

Yes you heard that right, the long time PC franchise Dungeon Siege is making its way to consoles and PC according to Square Enix’s announcement today. Being a long time fan of the franchise on PC I am a little leery this may be getting the “Dragon Age” treatment. Lets just hope there is not as glaring a […]

You Give Gaming A Bad Name!

By Greg DeLacy I consider myself a pretty average person. I am a father and husband, and work an 8-5 job. I like to play sports and work out regularly. I watch the popular TV shows, like music and go out for the occasional beers with friends.  I care about what I look like when I go out, […]

Sony reveals more about Move

By Greg DeLacy – 03/12/2010 Well it seems we are learning more and more from GDC about the new Sony Move controller.  One of the biggest revelations about Sony’s competitor systems Natal was that it was going to potentially use a substantial amount of the processing power of the 360.  The natural question to ask […]