Hardlydan’s Dirty 30 Part 1

Hardlydan’s Dirty 30 Part 1

Right, let me state right here that while I will attempt to write about every game in my Dirty30 there is a- let’s face it- massive chance that I will completely and utterly fail to get anything other than this written! With that out of the way I have just finished the first game on […]

The Dirty 30s

Mad genius Bongo the Sane over at The Overseas Connection Podcast has come up with a great idea which he is calling, “The Year of Living Gamegerously.” In a bid to save some cash over the next year, he has set himself a budget of £100 for new games and a list of thirty games, […]

Why Nintendo Should Have Party Chat

With the news of Splatoon being the most recent in the line of games not receiving online chat, it has either become clear that Nintendo knows nothing about how to set up an online structure that can support constant chat to others. They want to keep the younger generation of gamers safe from the toxicity […]

Favorite Games of 2014, Tephlon12

Last year was both a great year for games and bad year for games. There were many wonderful games that were released last year, so much so that it was difficult to put this list together. But as with every year, I haven’t played every game or been able to give the ones I own […]

Top Games of 2014, Amras89

There were many great games that came out in 2014; some of them were broken, but most were great.  Not everyone may agree with this list, but they are the ones that I hold dear from the last year. Wolfenstein: The New Order If there was ever a game I didn’t expect to have a good story along […]

Candidate Shepard: Bad For The Galaxy; Bad For YOU

“Former Commander John Shepard wants you to believe that he’s the Paragon candidate for Citadel Council and that couldn’t be further from the truth- a truth that, if hidden, could see millions of galactic citizens discarded and disenfranchised. Candidate Shepard claims to be Earthborne- and he’s right. But, what he fails to disclose is that […]

Why Nintendo Should Acquire PlatinumGames

If it isn’t blatantly obvious already, Nintendo seems to be prepared to hit the ground running with the “core” gaming audience when it’s new piece of kit lands later this Fall. It’s no secret that the Wii, for all intents and purposes, was a glorified gimmick for all but those who took the time to […]

5 Burning Unanswered Wii U Questions

By Steve ‘jsslifelike’ Conger Prior to the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012, Nintendo had made it abundantly clear that the specifications and release date would NOT be a part of their presentation. With an apparent fear of competitors’ price-dropping and feature-matching, the Japanese giant has left many with more questions than answers. 5. Will the IR […]

One Major Reason Gaming Will Not Mature(And How To Fix It)

By Steve ‘jsslifelike’ Conger By the article’s title alone, you’re no doubt thinking about parity with the film industry, rating systems(and the complete parental disregard toward them) or even every man’s mortal enemy. Any of these could possibly be dead-on at other points in the calendar year, but the most detrimental force during the days […]

Max Payne 3 | tGm Review

By Yuri “Xcalybr713” Lis After a nine year hiatus, Max Payne makes a much-anticipated return for the third entry in the series(albeit with Rockstar at the helm instead of Remedy Entertainment). From the outset, the title may seem like just another third-person action game, but dismissing it as such would be a grave mistake. For […]