E3 2013 – Nintendo Direct

Well we have made it through Microsoft and Sony’s conferences, but now it is time to see the news brought forth by Nintendo. Will they have any exciting things to bring to get people on the Wii U wagon? Let’s take a look! Pokémon X & Y – Fairy type Pokémon are revealed; also another […]

E3 2013 – Sony Press Conference

So yesterday I gave you the news from Microsoft’s press conference and I don’t believe we need another long introduction so let’s just get into it. So Sony decides to start off with a compilation video of different people, games, and tech. Jack Trenton starts his speech off by welcoming everyone to the conference and […]

E3 2013 – Microsoft Press Conference

Alright to all of you out there in the gaming world it is that time of the year again; E3 is here and it is time to hear the new and exciting news out there from the big shots of the video game industry. Well this article is for the people that don’t have the […]

Nintendo Direct 4/17/2013 Summary

There was another Nintendo Direct earlier today and again Satoru Iwata has brought us news from the world of Nintendo. This time was a little different though as this ND was aired simultaneously across the world and Iwata was joined by Mario and Luigi for the first few announcements of the news pertained to them. […]

Playstation Meeting 2013 – Event Summary

By now everyone knows that Sony had their press event last night and there were a lot of things about the future of Playstation brought up. Spoiler warning…It’s about the PS4. For anyone that missed the stream or doesn’t want to watch the whole thing here is a summary of all the announcements that came […]

Rayman Legends No Longer Just for the Wii U

In just three weeks Rayman Legends was supposed to be coming out as a Wii U exclusive, but alas it was not meant to be. As of today Ubisoft has announced that they are delaying Rayman to give time to make the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game; the game will now be […]

Ouya Console Pre-Order Available on Amazon

I’m sure everyone has heard about the Ouya Kickstarter that happened in August of last year. Well it looks like it has gone up for pre-order on for the price of $99 and will ship out  in June of this year. Not a bad price for this little cube and the games will be […]

Nintendo Responds By Mail To Operation: Rainfall

As most of you know by now, a campaign was initiated to bring three Nintendo published titles to U.S. shores: Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower. The kicker is that, despite public outcry for the aforementioned games, the Big “N” has basically written the tears and fears of it’s faithful off completely. They […]

Fallout Online BETA Registration Begins

Anxious for the release of Fallout: New Vegas? Have a love for the Fallout franchise in general? Well, then you’re not going to want to miss this! All who sign up to receive the Fallout Online e-newsletter will be entered into the BETA lottery to test the series’ forthcoming MMO. head on over to […]

The Gamesmen EXTRA 9/2/10!

Join Rabid Scotsman and AcidBee for another episode of EXTRA! The only show where you can call in and give YOUR two cents on games, gaming and tech! Just head on over to where we broadcast LIVE at: and don’t forget to download Skype and add TheGamesmenRPG to your contacts to call in and be on the show!