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The Gamesmen, Episode 95 – Extra Tired 2015

Join Amras89 and Hardlydan for game talk and fun! This time, The Gamesmen talk about Life Is Strange 2, Helldivers, Kojima Productions Los Angeles, a Star Citizen fan, Activision buying King, and a problem with Fallout 4 Xbox One digital pre-orders. Games discussed are Rocket League, SOMA, ARK: Survival Evolved, Halo 5: Guardians, Fallout 3, Need For Speed: No Limits, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, […]

The Gamesmen, Episode 85- More Listener RPG

Join Lyfeliek and Hardlydan for game talk and fun! This time, The Gamesmen get back to playing RPG, but with one caveat- the topics have come from you, the listener! Games/topics covered are World of Warcraft versus Guild Wars 2, the upcoming Judge Dredd film and Rebellions Games‘ bid to start an empire, the Wii […]

tGm Tagalong – Transformers: Fall of Cybertron [DEMO]

Test YOUR GoldenEye Knowledge LIVE 11/4/2010 9PM EST!

Come join The Gamesmen for another live show on Gamer Corporation! Episode 47 should be like sitting on a Proximity Mine and you LITERALLY need to reserve the whole evening starting 9PM EST! Create an account on Ustream.tv, then come join us Thursday night! Here’s the tentative schedule so far: Intro Featured Music- GoldenEye 64 […]

Value Propo$ition Review- Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

by Incubus Folly The ‘Value Propo$ition’ series of reviews are based on the amount of your hard-earned cash that each attribute earns. All values are tallied in the end, and if the total exceeds the MSRP, the title is wholly recommended. Slightly below indicates a rental and well under equals out to avoiding the game […]

Who Could Be the Final Spider-Man In Shattered Dimensions?

With the recent announcement of Spider-Man 2099 to stand alongside the Amazing Spider-man and Spider-Man Noir, it could potentially be a fun exercise to take a look at possible candidates for the fourth and unknown arachnid. Here are a few: Scarlet Spider: The wiki says that the first Scarlet Spider was a clone of Spider-Man […]

The Gamesmen, Episode 29- Kratos Versus The Devil’s Penis

WARNING: THIS EPISODE IS EXPLICIT Join Lyfeliek, Scotsman, Xcalybr and Simon DI for game talk and fun! This week, The Gamesmen discuss the differences in each version of Final Fantasy XIII, Dante’s Inferno, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and others! We read a couple of emails, play a special edition of RPG, read YOUR #TheGamesmenCheck submissions, […]

GoG timer up. The big news is…

In a landmark deal for the DRM-free digital distribution movement, Activision Publishing Inc. is bringing a wide range of classic games to GOG.com! It’s now official, we’re bringing you the biggest announcement in GOG.com’s history – Activision with it’s wealth of PC gaming gems has joined our DRM-free family. With the announcement we’re revealing first […]

The Gamesmen, Episode 19 LIVE- A Tale Of Slothboxes And N64 Sore Thumbs

Join Lyfeliek, Scotsman, AcidBee, and Hardlydan for game talk and more from the from the November 28th LIVE audio show on Ustream.tv! This week, The Gamesmen discuss ModernWarfare 2 and the RROD, PSP GO piracy, denials of the WiiHD, Pandemic Studios’ closure and the announcement of a new Mercs game, the God of War II […]

Is Modern Warfare 2 Causing RROD? A Possible COD-spiracy?

By jsslifelike | Nov. 24th, 2009 Reports have been rolling across the Gamesmen Media Desk, as of the last four days, from our small community and their friends lists. Reports about what, you say? The dreaded Red Ring of Death, of course. If the numbers multiply on a percentage basis, it would seem that Xbox360’s […]