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Emulation/Romhack/Homebrew Showcase: Goldeneye Being Ported To Perfect Dark Engine

This Romhack isn’t finished yet, but its one to keep an eye on. From Romhacking.net: Wreck has released an early version of GoldenEye: X, an extensive project which will port GoldenEye 007 to Perfect Dark’s engine. This preview version is very early and has a lot of visual oddities, but gives a feel for what […]

Emulation/Romhack/Homebrew showcase: Slayers

A new translation hit today, this one is a classic SNES game: Slayers! From the project website: Originally slated as an Famicom (NES) launch, Slayers’ developers recoded for the then cutting-edge Super Famicom (SNES). The resulting product may lack a few of the bells and whistles embedded in more recent RPGs, but the story rocks […]

Emulation/Romhack/Homebrew showcase: Dragon Quest 5 Translation

A new translation just hit the scene today, and its a good one. The PS2 remake of Dragon Quest 5! From the Projects Website: Of unique RPGs, this one is about as good as it gets. 12 years after its original Super Famicom release, Square Enix astonished its fans with this worth Playstation 2 port […]

Emulation/Romhack/Homebrew showcase: Front Mission 5 fan translation

I’m an avid fan of the emulation/homebrew/romhacking scene. Many great games, conversions and fan translations come out of the scene, and i figured i’d stop being greedy, and share some of my favorites. Today its the Front Mission 5 fan translation. I am an avid fan of the series, but the 4th one left a bad […]