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Amras89 Guests on Nintendo Okie, Episode 274

From Nintendo Okie What happens when most of the crew are off at Tokyo in Tulsa?  Tony randomly grabs a couple of friends off the internet to co-host the show.  Tyler Treese, of Moustached Gamers and Gary Leavor, from the Gamesmen step in to chat for a couple of hours about things including Devil’s Third, Super […]

Listen to Episode 3 of the Bullet Witch Playcast

From Nintendo Okie There will be no more waiting, there will be no more tears. Episode three of the Bullet Witch playcast is here. We cast our magic spells and we fire our magic guns. All along the way, supposedly having fun. We travel to the forest to close an evil portal. Then we go back […]

Listen to Episode 2 of the Bullet Witch Playcast

From Nintendo Okie “We return for part two of three for the most infamous playcast in known history. This week our heroes battle the dangers that lie in the airport and at 10,000 feet. Once the ground is safely beneath their feet it’s time to twist again, you know, like we did last summer. Tears […]

Listen to Amras89 on the Nintendo Okie Bullet Witch Playcast

From Nintendo Okie “The long awaited time has come! The Bullet Witch Playcast is finally here! Can you feel the excitement? Join us, won’t you? We are playing the Xbox 360 exclusive Bullet Witch, a terrible game that I genuinely enjoy. Why is the game terrible? Why do I enjoy it so much? Why Bullet Witch? […]

Catch Amras And Jsslifelike On “Monster Hunter Okie”, Ep. 2

From Tony over at Nintendo-Okie: “Monster Hunter is becoming a thing for me now. If you’ve known about me you know my rocky past with the franchise. Now, though, I’m a huge fan of the series. I own multiple versions of the game on different systems. Ethan King and I are the resident Monster Hunters […]

The Gamesmen, Episode 94- Wii U Discussion

Join Lyfeliek as he welcomes Nebula427 from Nintendo-Okie for game talk and fun! This time, the Gamesmen give you some straight-up day one discussion of Nintendo’s Wii U. Show Notes: Email us at thegamesmenrpg@gmail.com Leave A Voicemail (412)267-RPG1 Catch us on Twitter @thegamesmenrpg Be sure to check out http://www.vghub.net Make Certain To ‘Like’ Us On […]

The Gamesmen, Episode 86- Overseas Identity Theft

Join Lyfeliek, Hardlydan and Nebula427 for game talk and fun! This time, The Gamesmen discuss poor time management, recommend SyFy shows, talk about what they’re playing, then wrap it all up with an epic email! Games/topics covered are Alphas, Borderlands 2, the Kirby Dream Collection, Torchlight II, The Last Story, a revisitation of World of […]