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Conga Master Party! Review (Switch)

What could possibly go wrong? The question everyone aspiring to become a conga master asks themselves before getting their groove on. We all get that urge to tap our feet and move our hips; this game will bring up those same feelings again. So get your loose fitting clothes, grab the person in front of […]

Sorcery | tGm Review

By Steve ‘jsslifelike’ Conger Becoming Harry Potter isn’t really high on my gaming “to-do” list per se, but wielding arcane magicks is always a welcome activity. Enter Sorcery– a game that was intended to be the mystical force that would push Sony’s Move motion controllers off of retail shelves and into consumers’ living rooms. Unveiled […]

Max Payne 3 | tGm Review

By Yuri “Xcalybr713” Lis After a nine year hiatus, Max Payne makes a much-anticipated return for the third entry in the series(albeit with Rockstar at the helm instead of Remedy Entertainment). From the outset, the title may seem like just another third-person action game, but dismissing it as such would be a grave mistake. For […]

Mini-Review: Metro 2033

 Genres: FPS, Action, Adventure, Horror. Some stealth gameplay as well. Breakdown: Metro 2033 is an immersive game that feels like a living book. Great sense of adventure and atmosphere. A more linear, (not a bad thing here) story driven S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Fallout 3. Has a good bit of “Survival Horror” as well. Features: The […]

Millennium: A New Hope Review

Are you looking for something new to scratch that old-school gaming itch? Enter Millennium: A New Hope– the newest RPG from developer Aldorlea Games. Located in France, Aldorlea is a developer that boasts specialization in blurring the line between role playing and adventure, all while presenting gameplay in 16-bit fashion. They are responsible for fostering […]