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Rabid Scotsman Guests on Couch Mercenaries Podcast

The boys have a smashing time with Rabid guesting, and fitting right in. Here’s the description from The Couch Mercenaries: Episode 75 – CPM gets benched. The Overseas Connection adjusts on the fly this week. Join Murphys Law, Skulduggerer, ChinChinny and late addition Rabid Scotsman as we discuss video games, breaking news, new releases, the […]

Catch jsslifelike On The Couch Mercenaries 103

Another show is recorded and because Highclass couldn’t make it to the show we recorded a show over Skype. We have Mayhem, JssLifeLike, DBird, SDI and BigSmooth8 to talk about the new Ice Cream Cone and some Final Fantasy talk. If you’re a guy who loves Final Fantasy you’ll love the amount of details we […]

Hear Lyfeliek On Overseas Connection Episode 53

Episode 53 – A Stranger in the House The Overseas Connection once again finds itself minus BigBadDaddy whom again had British things to do. So instead of subjecting you to just two of us we dug deep in the pool of “fill in podcasters” and asked Jsslifelike from the Gamesmen to join myself (Murphys Law) […]

Uncharted 2 Tourney, Part 2- Can YOU “Hang”?

It will be time once again to gear up for part 2 of the Uncharted 2 tourney on Friday, March 5th 2010! Here are the results from part 1 last Friday: ROUND 1 The Gamesmen vs. The Couch Mercenaries(3-0) Black Market Int’l vs. TQcast(3-0) ROUND 2 The Gamesmen vs. Black Market Int’l(3-2 inc. tie-breaker, loser […]

Winner Of Fanboys/BMI Take On YOUR Gamesmen In The Uncharted 2 Tournament Championship!

After besting The Couch Mercenaries and Black Market International, YOUR Gamesmen have reached the championship round of the 2009 Gamesmen Gaming Awards Game of the Year Tournament! The road to the finals, while semi-short, was anything but easy and substitute fill-ins were needed along the way. Special thanks go out to the original team- jsslifelike, […]

Get Your Email And Gamesmen Checks In For Ep. 28

If all goes well, The Gamesmen will bring Episode 28 to you and it’s ALL about Final Fantasy, baby! The plan is for Lyfeliek, Rabid Scotsman, Highclass1979, Upaut, and GothicMike to give you game talk and opinion with a JRPG skew! Here’s what we need from you: * Emails to TheGamesmenRPG@gmail.com about the Final Fantasy […]

The 2009 Gamesmen Gaming Awards “Game of the Year” Inter-podcast Tournament

Remember that “Game of the Year” Uncharted 2 Family Night we discussed on The Gamesmen, Episode 23 LIVE? Well, being named the 2009 Overall Gamesmen Game of the Year deserves a much loftier fanfare than a game night. That’s right! Thanks to the brainchild of one Simon DI from BMITV, we’re going “show-to-show, toe-to-toe”! As […]

The Gamesmen, Episode 26- Chronicles of Some Greek Guy

Join Lyfeliek, Simon DI, and BigSmooth8 for game talk and fun! This week, The Gamesmen discuss MAG, Dragon Age, BigSmooth’s distaste of Final Fantasy and RPGs in general, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, YOUR email submissions, and more! Intro Music Composed By gamertag “TheHoleyMoley” Featured Interlude Music- Kingdom Hearts Be sure to check out http://www.vghub.net […]

Lyfeliek Guests On TCM Episode 97- An Invasion of Hosts

It’s the TCM mash-up, baby! Never before have we had such an all-star cast. Join us this week for episode 97. BigSmooth8, Highclass1979, GothicMike, DetectiveBird are joined in the Merc Cave, with the advancements of modern technology, by Upaut, JSSLifelike, and Simon D.I. where we discuss the latest in games. The show covers a wide-range […]

Burnout Paradise “Family Night” X360 1/15/2010 7PM EST

Well, well! The squeaky wheels finally get the oil! “Family Night” makes its triumphant return, but this time on the Xbox360. The game is simple: you’ve probably already guess from the graphic above. It’s Burnout Paradise! Join The Gamesmen and the whole “family” of shows for some hot car-on-car action. If you have the game […]