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The Gamesmen, Episode 11- “Scotsman Returns… Again?”

Join Lyfeliek, Scotsman, and Xcalybr for roleplaying and commentary! We answer an email, play RPG, and involve the community. Topics discussed are Batman: Arkham Asylum, Xcalybr being “DEAD” to Zeiram, ESA Ratings changes, Wolfenstein, PS3 cross-game voice chat, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Backward Compatibility, GRIN, and much more. Intro Music Composed By gamertag “TheHoleyMoley” Featured Interlude […]

Sincerely, Corporate Monsters… Again.

Ready for more “doom and gloom” news from the development community? Endrant Studios, who co-developed Wolfenstein alongside Raven Software was responsible for it’s multiplayer component. Apparently, Endrant have handed several employees their walking papers today(the day of the game’s release), including the majority of the Wolfenstein team. “We have recently completed a development cycle and […]