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E3 2010: Five Ways Microsoft Wows

With the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010 fast approaching, much speculation is taking place. This is perhaps the most joyous time of the year on a gamer’s calendar as the uncertainty builds to the ultimate payoff. That being said, what does Microsoft need do to make a positive impression this year? 5. Be concise about the […]

Rabid Ramblings: M-m-m-Microsoft’s P-p-Poker Face?

From xbox360.ign.com on Mar 17th: Images appeared on Chinese tech forum A9VG last night showing what looks to be a trimmed down Xbox 360 motherboard. Is it real? Well, there are a number of factors to consider. With the launch of Natal this fall, Microsoft has the perfect opportunity to re-launch the Xbox 360 brand […]

The Gamesmen, Episode 7- “Scotsman Returns!”

Join Lyfeliek and Scotsman for roleplaying and commentary! We’re back to a complete format this week, and we are involving the community! We answer our second audio email, play RPG, and listen to featured music from Devil may Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening. Topics discussed are Project Natal, our in-game names, PS3 manufacturing costs, another Resident […]

The Gamesmen, Episode 6- “AcidBee’s Unveiling!”

Join Lyfeliek and AcidBee for roleplaying and commentary! Because of scheduling conflicts and technical issues, we have an abridged show this week. We answer our first audio email, play RPG, and listen to featured music from Command and Conquer Generals. Topics discussed are Zune Markeplace in the NXE, Project Natal, cohesive Sony marketing, “crazy” Gabe […]

Dragon Age: Origins Collector’s Edition

Wow, is this ever going to be a game to get! I’ve been following DA:O for a while now- ever since the beginning of it’s development cycle on the Neverwinter Nights engine. GameStop recently posted what you can receive by preordering the Collector’s Edition for $74.99: Tin Case Bonus DVD including¬† a making of documentary, […]

The Gamesmen, Episode 5- “Our First Special Guest!”

Join Lyfeliek, Rabid Scotsman, and special guest JUiCE Hernandez from TQcast.com for roleplaying and commentary! First we feel the love, read a few emails, then play RPG. Topics discussed are Netflix streaming to Bravia TV’s, Right-handed Nintendo DS bias, AMD netbooks, and the Google Chrome OS.¬† Also, make sure you listen for instructions on how […]

Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition Unboxing

This is the official video directly from Infinty Ward’s YouTube account. Contained within is the standard version of the games, the “Hardened Edition”, and the “Prestige Edition”- complete with working Night Vision Goggles! Enjoy!

The Gamesmen, Episode 4- The Bubble Gum and Duct Tape Show!

Join Lyfeliek, Rabid Scotsman, Zeiram Wing, and Xcalybr for roleplaying and commentary! We give one big announcement, read a few emails, and play RPG. This episode’s RPG segment was recorded a few months ago, but it does let you see the metamorphosis of the format(plus, we went old school with the background music). Topics discussed […]